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aiHit is a leading Business to Business provider of business information services and solutions. 

Company data decays at a rate of 40% annually so regular validation of important contact information is vital for business intelligence.  We don't rely on manually telephoning our sources: it's laborious and error-prone. We use the latest in modern technology to enhance traditionally gathered data lists, which means the data we provide is ultimately the most timely you can get.  Our fully automated systems continuously monitor the entire Web, extracting valuable company data for the business information, executive search, financial, market research and lead generation industries. 

Our vision is BIG.  Automatically extracting information from a vast number of unstructured sources, such as websites, is difficult to do.  We can do it, because of our deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

It’s in the name.


Latest news

01/10/14 - LSE NEWS BLOG HAS BEEN RELEASED.  Follow us if you'd like to know whenever any PLC changes an executive, director, client, partner or other significant items. aiHit, beyond the news.

LSE News

01/09/14 - NEW! Follow companies on aiHit.  Users can get a monthly email summarising changes to followed Co.'s. Select companies on aiHit Database & click “Follow this Company”.

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01/11/13 - FREE COMPANY DATABASE HAS BEEN RELEASED.  Search and quickly design custom lists of companies.  Explore historical profiles, events and structured fields for more than 13 millions company records.

aiHit Database

30/10/12 - AVOID A DATA HORROR STORY THIS HALLOWEEN.  Don't let the data Vampires suck the life out of your business.  Avoid a data horror story by implementing a simple maintenance plan and breath new life into your customer database.

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